Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

In a recent magazine, an interior designer outlined the key differences between contemporary kitchen cabinets in Abu Dhabi and classic styles. This design trend consists of a combination of metal, glass, and laminates. Creamy yellow laminates create warmth in the design, while framed glass cabinet doors are cold and contemporary. Turned wooden legs have been replaced with tubular metal legs. This style is also known for using glass panel doors.

Bar pulls:

One of the most popular types of cabinet hardware is bar pulls. These decorative handles are characterized by a long, square, or rounded bar attached to the cabinet at one or more points. Bar pulls are the most popular type of handle and can be installed on nearly every cabinet door style. You can find endless options when choosing bar pulls, from the square and round to round and rectangular. Bar pulls are a great choice for any kitchen cabinet style because they can enhance the room’s overall look.

Full-overlay cabinetry:

The benefits of full-overlay cabinetry are numerous. These cabinets are affordable, making them an excellent choice for kitchen renovations. They’re a middle-ground cabinet, but they still look high-end. Alternatively, you can try inset cabinetry, which is becoming increasingly popular. Inset cabinetry is a more detailed option, with doors flush with the face frame. The downside to this design is that the overall look is minimal.

Larder organizers:

One of the biggest annoyances in a kitchen is having to hunt for missing lids. Larder organizers are easy to assemble and have five adjustable dividers. Available in three different sizes, they’re perfect for homeowners with different lid sizes. If you’re looking for something more permanent, you can invest in a separate larder with more than one lid compartment.

Glass paneled doors:

A traditional glass cabinet door has a wood frame and an inset glass panel, while frameless glass-front cabinets have a sheet of glass covering the entire cabinet front. Frameless glass cabinets are more modern and upscale than traditional cabinet doors, but you’ll need to look for them because many manufacturers don’t offer them. Luckily, you can source frameless glass cabinets from a design-build contractor. Picture window cabinets have no back, so natural light is free to fill the room.