A Guide To The Architecture Process

A Guide To The Architecture Process

The architectural design process will differ from project to project and from designer to designer. This guide provides a general overview of the steps that will be involved. Top architecture firms in Dubai will develop a unique approach, and the stages in the process will naturally become more intuitive as they become more familiar with the project. Their approach will be informed by their ideas, views, and inspirations, as well as their skills and experiences.

Pre-design phase

The pre-design phase of the architecture process involves analyzing your site to determine the best design for your project. This phase also includes research on local codes and environmental concerns. It may also involve obtaining a site topographical survey and a soil/geotechnical report. This analytical phase is critical to your project’s success. In addition, it’s important to communicate your ideas and expectations to your architect early in the process.

Design development

The design development phase is an integral part of the architecture process. In this phase, the architects and design team develop a detailed understanding of the project’s size, functionality, and materials. This granular detail helps them develop a final digital design, as well as accurate cost analysis. The goal of this phase is to create a plan that the client will be pleased with.

Contract documents

If you’re considering working with an architect on your design project, you should be aware of the importance of Contract documents. These documents help guide the architecture process and provide legal protection for both parties. You can find sample copies of current AIA documents on CD-ROM, which you can purchase online or from your local AIA components. To learn more about the different types of contracts, visit the AIA’s website.


Bidding is an integral part of the architecture process. During this phase of the construction project, architects and owners work together to develop finished bid documents. Once completed, these documents are then issued to the general contractors. During this phase, architects must continue to distribute information to the contractors to ensure that they receive the same information that the architect has.

Bidding is a competitive process. Bidders submit bids to a specific project or general category of work. The competitive bidding process encourages general contractors to provide their best bid, and it allows Architects & Engineers to perform their due diligence.